Aldo Parisot plays Bach (6 Suites)

Ultra rare Aldo Parisot playing Bach's 6 Suites for Unaccomapanied Cello BWV 1007-1012. Very first and only made in Brazil by Phonodisc on 033-502-001-3 Stereo Label, recorded and pressed by GEL Gravações Elétricas S.A, and issued in 3 Record SET De Luxe Box plus Leaflet. Recorded with the 1730 "De Munck" Stradivarius. The instrument, despite being among the last ten manufactured by Stradivari in the ultimate six years of his life (ended with the 1736 Paganini-Ladenburg) is of the mold prior to “B Piccolo”, or the representation a return to the primitive pattern of Stradivari Cellos of major proportions. 

Once belonged to the great romantic August Franchomme, and Ernest de Munck. Before Aldo Parisot, was held by the renowned artist and virtuoso Emmanuel Feuermann. Retaining its originality even today, has never been adapted to modern needs of comfort. Saulo Zucchello