BLICHER & HEMMER are hosting steve gadd’s 75th birthday party and you’re invited

--Celebrate With Steve! Bandmates Stream Live Concert From Nordsø Records, Copenhagen... Copenhagen, Denmark: Steve Gadd, one of the greatest drummers in music history, will be celebrating his 75th birthday on Thursday 9 April. In honor of this occasion, Blicher Hemmer Gadd, the renowned jazz trio who have starred on four album releases (three in cooperation with Brinkmann Audio), will celebrate in a very special way. Like most of us, these brilliant musicians have been “grounded” but miss performing together and sharing their music with audiences around the world. Band leader Michael Blicher has found a solution.

In cooperation with Brinkmann Audio and Nordsø Records, bandmates Michael Blicher and Dan Hemmer will broadcast a live-streamed birthday concert for Steve and their many fans. Drummer & percussionist Eddi Jarl, a great friend of the band who often joins them on stage playing percussion, will take the place behind the drum kit. Michael, Dan and Eddi will be playing music from all Blicher Hemmer Gadd albums while Steve, celebrating in Phoenix with his family, will deliver a special message to his fans.

The performance venue for the live-stream will be Nordsø Records, a boutique pressing plant in Copenhagen, Denmark. At Nordsø Records a crew of record- and art collectors are focusing on high quality record manufacturing.

Although live-streaming is becoming ubiquitous, the Steve Gadd Birthday Concert will distinguish itself through superior sonics and dynamic cinematography. Thomas Vang from The Village Recording will be in charge of sound quality. The Village Recording is one of Europe’s finest studios and has produced many landmark recordings for such prominent artists as Oscar Petersen and Roger Waters. The concert will be live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook. Following the live-stream, the concert will be available in MQA on TIDAL Masters: an MQA-enabled Brinkmann Audio Nyquist MK II Streaming DAC will also be used for playback monitoring during the concert.

Blicher Hemmer Gadd's “Special 33” album, the trio’s first partnership with Brinkmann Audio and Nordsø Records, sold out before its release in 2019. To celebrate Steve’s birthday, a limited-edition, MQA digital version of this album, will coincide with the concert, to be released on 9 April and made available for 33 days.

The event will be the start of the Music Gems Live series of online concerts streamed from Nordsø Records and The Village Recording in cooperation with Brinkmann Audio.

The Steve Gadd Birthday Concert is scheduled for Thursday, 9 April at 21.00 hrs (9pm) CET or 3pm EST. For more information visit

Please join Blicher Hemmer Gadd for an evening of friendship, fun and unforgettable music.

About Blicher Hemmer Gadd: American drum legend Steve Gadd, 2-time Danish Grammy-winning saxophonist Michael Blicher and Hammond virtuoso Dan Hemmer have released 4 albums and extensively toured Europe and Asia. The band is scheduled to tour Europe in July/August 2020.
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About Nordsø Records: Founded in 2015, Nordsø Records’ pressing plant is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. A crew of record- and art collectors focusing on high quality record manufacturing, Nordsø emphasizes personal contact and a “Feel good” atmosphere throughout the production process and features a live performance space which enables artists to play in connection with their releases. A state-of-the-art listening room outfitted with a high-end playback system ensures the artists’ vision is realized. For more information

About The Village Recording: The Village Recording is one of Europe’s finest studios and has produced a wealth of milestone recordings for Oscar Petersen, Roger Waters and a host of musical legends. The studio is mainly analog based and has some historic audio equipment including a vintage Neve console (previously owned by Fleetwood Mac) and an EMT 140 reverb from John Lennon’s studio at Tittenhurst. The space includes a concert hall that can comfortably seat 60 people. For more information visit

About Brinkmann Audio: Founded in 1985 by Helmut Brinkmann, Brinkmann Audio is one of the few companies to design and manufacture every source and electronic component in the audio playback chain. All Brinkmann Audio components are entirely handcrafted in Germany from German-made parts and subassemblies. For more information

About MQA: Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, the MQA team has created a technology that captures the sound of the original studio performance. MQA files are fully authenticated and small enough to stream, while also being backward compatible; as a result, MQA files can be played on any device. A UK-based private company, MQA’s award-winning technology is licensed by record labels, music services and hardware manufacturers worldwide and is certified by the RIAA. For more information visit