DaVa MONO field coil cartridges

As requested here is a bit more info about DaVa cartridges. "The MONO Vintage FC cartridges starts the line of DaVa MONO cartridges. Everybody knows, that old mono vinyl was recorded in a direct cutting way. It needed a minimum of recording equipment. It gave a high result in an emotional sense of music. This cartridge was created to raise that listening in the other, new level. It is based on the same electromagnetic technology and built using cactus cantilever. It is designed in old schooled patination marched with traditional my nation’s amber found in the Baltic sea and widely used in producing many kinds of jewelry and decorations."

"I didn’t expect its sound to be so powerful, to contain the legend of pure music. It seems the music goes through your mind and body, you can feel its delicate vibrations on your skin.

The line of DaVa MONO FC cartridges will include:

1. Current DaVa MONO FC Vintage cartridge (only for mono vinyl), 
2. DaVa MONO FC (for mono and stereo vinyl).
3. DaVa MONO FC 78. The principle of generator construction has never been used in any cartridges before, it is unique. All of them have 0,2 Mv output."