FM 223 - Click, pop & crackle reduction

In case you have not previously seen it this, here is the official FM Acoustics video explaining the click, pop and crackle reduction of the FM 223. "Please note that this is a simple video where some of the features - including the quite intriguing click and crackle removal of the unique Phono Master  - are explained and demonstrated live in real time by Alan and Manuel."

Over the past 40 years Manuel Huber has visited many great mastering engineers and professionals in the vinyl field. A natural curiosity has helped to collect a wealth of information, some of which is presented in the enclosed data sheet.

Vinyl mastering is not a job, it is an art and there are different ways to achieve a desired end result.  Confronted with the plight of the record collector who can only find scratched and/or crackling copies of rare LP's, Alan and Manuel set out to try to ameliorate the problem. That was in 1981...

Now, they have finally achieved what they were aiming at all along: click, pop and crackle reduction circuits that do not negatively influence the audio signal - all done in real time and remaining fully analogue.