Garrard 401 Statement v.2 by Artisan Fidelity

Recently completed Garrard 401 Statement v.2 model finished in Macassar Ebony plinth / Reed 3P 12" Ebony wand / Ana Mighty Sound Sculpture A.4 phono cartridge. The design architecture of Garrard 401 Statement v.2 by Artisan Fidelity in its modest beginning is based on a factory stock Garrard 401. These British developed idler drives were first introduced in late 1964 and successfully sold some 50,000 plus units during its 12 year production run.  After a long successful production period, the enormously accomplished Garrard 301 officially retired, immediately thereafter, the Garrard 401 model circa 1965 - 1976 was announced as its replacement.  What the Garrard model 401 model promised was an improvement over the classic 301 model while featuring a higher torque motor and tighter manufactured tolerances.

Using solely the fundamental mechanical design architecture and comprehensively re-engineering a classic transcription turntable like the Garrard 401 requires extraordinary skill, dedication, painstaking attention to details and a level of passion few will ever realize. Our level of commitment is unsurpassed in the area of transforming classic analog playback instruments which have easily stood the test of time into analog record playback devices for the modern era designed to perform at a reference level, in any arena. A small, highly skilled and dedicated team of mechanical engineers, master woodworkers, designers, finishers, visionaries and artisans are who we are, producing the world's finest modern classics, hand crafted, individually tuned by ear and precision engineered to last a lifetime. The word masterpiece truly defines the quality and musicality of our flagship Garrard plinth, which is a feast for both the eyes and the ears.

  • Instrument net weight range - 33kgs. ~ 73lbs / 39kgs. ~ 88lbs. 
  • Plinth Tonearm compatibility - 9" - 12" Effective Length / Dual and Single layout options available.
  • Model price as shown (without tonearm and phono cartridge) - $18,895