J.Sikora Standard Max Black turntable + KV12 tonearm

This is for sure labeled under the as a personal guilty reviewing pleasure. Like many of you, I do have a soft spot for the analog micro and macro machines. This time the objects that will captivate the senses of yours for prolonged time are the J.Sikora Standard Max Black turntable and KV12 tonearm.  I've successfully performed the first part of the heavy-duty assembly (80+ kg), now it's time to install the unique J.Sikora KV12 unipivot kevlar tonearm with Albedo silver mono-crystal internal wiring. 

I've seen and heard J.Sikora turntables at the shows, but the unpacking further revealed why this Polish turntable manufacturer is gaining such a firm following. The attention to every detail is apparent everywhere. The quality of materials, parts execution, and the design itself are of upper-echelon quality. 

Stay tuned for more in due time...