LampizatOr 10th Anniversary and LampizatOr X!

Congrats on the LampizatOr 10th Anniversary from Mono and Stereo. Lukasz Fikusz writes: "In April 2020 Lampizator Company was 10 years old. The name and DIY activity of mine are dating to 1990 but as a real tangible legit business - we are 10. What started in the kitchen, on that date 10 years ago moved to a rented commercial space, and then a bigger one, and a bigger one, and this year again, in 2020 moving to a bigger one HAS It is amazing to look back, and remember the hard times, the first success, the first orders, first failures, hurdles, sleepless nights, unpaid bills, first awards, shows - everything we went through. Nothing would ever happen without the other people. I was extremely blessed with always meeting the good people and received a lot of help."

"Good people gave me good intel, good advice, good energy. I've sailed on that goodwill from people and never forget that. First, my wife, and Peter - my best friend. And the circle was growing, with Waldemar joining in, and my first big customer Carl from New York, Bob from Boston, Norman from Switzerland, and so it went. I had great luck working with the best people that came to work with me: Artur, Miroslav, Grzegorz, another Artur, another Grzegorz, Andrzej, Beata, Ania, Monika, Krzysztof, Anthony and Konrad, Pawei Greg, Fred, Rob, and many more. Also would not survive without the support of local adjacent vendors, supplying me with all the elements - from nuts and bolts, through steel, aluminum, copper, transformers, displays, footers, EVERYTHING we use daily for manufacturing. My customers on the other hand, in many cases, became friends, stay loyal, support me where they can. Now, 10 years and 1800 DACs later, I feel we have something big to celebrate. To commemorate this anniversary, I decided to give our customers something special. I ordered Champagne! Yes, ten real Champagne front panels, anodized for the color that is common among users of Accuphase, Denon, Sony, FM Acoustics, and many more. we Will sell to FIRST TEN customers (who will agree) the products with champagne front panel marked with X (Roman ten) digit, Yes, there will be ten such DACS - (without Volume Control only) like Amber 3, Atlantic 2 TAP, Big7, Golden Gate, Baltic, Superkomputer, GM70 Amp, Balanced 211 Mono amp, Metamorphosis Hybrid monoblock, Phono MMI, or Phono MCI, or SILK power conditioner. These products will get the champagne upgrade for FREE, plus a free reference level AC cable or AESEBU or SPDIF cable, 10 years warranty, newest ultra High-End Lampizator USB module with DSDS12 on all systems, four optoisolators, two super clocks, PCM 768 kHz and a memory diploma."