Legendary Kondo Audio Note Japan FET preamplifier!

Now this is a real treat for any Kondo Audio Note Japan aficionado... The unusual Kondo Audio Note Japan FET preamplifier with phono. The stage was designed and made personally by Mr. Hiroyasu Kondo in the early 80s of the twenty century. In 1989, only nine years later  Kondo has created the legendary Ongaku 211 tube integrated amplifier. So it can be said that this preamplifier is among the earliest Kondo Audio Note products it is the precursor of all of the Kondo products. This unique, product 40 years old preamplifier still has sonic merit that matters as well as high collectibles value.

Le Kim Thach from KT-Audio has conducted a throughout technical assessment of this preamplifier. Despite the four decades the machine still operates perfectly. The "PCB" board and components are in very good condition. Le Kim Thach just used Detoxit to clean the input selector's contacts the rest seems to be in perfect order perfect.

This preamp uses good components and large FETs, so the preamplifier runs stably and it was not damaged in any way. Kondo FET preamplifier unique design implements a high voltage rectifier supply for the FET amplification, with 4 Toshiba 6X4 tubes. A highly unique and uncommon design that is seldom seen in any other products.

The sound of this iconic preamplifier is clear, with good dynamics and details. It also has the Kondo recognizing warm, tube-like tone and color.