Nagra Archives 09/30

Developed as a joint-venture with the AMPEX corporation of America Nagra VPR-5 was introduced in 1983 as the world’s smallest, lightest broadcast quality portable video reorder. The VPR-5 is a 1-inch C-format portable broadcast video recorder. VPR-5 has to be a strong candidate for Nagra's masterpiece, and the more one delves into its workings the more this impression is confirmed, as inside that CNC milled, anodized, aerospace alloy box, there is a feast of engineering and electronics
Available in both PAL (for European) and NTSC (North American) television formats the VPR-5 allowed broadcast quality video to be shot on-location.

The previous generation from AMPEX was more than twice the weight! The VPR-S uses aviation techics to be both rigid and light, it is so rugged, an adult can stand on the unit without damage, even though the lead itself is a few hundred grams only.

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