New Holton Precision Audio NXL500 R5 DIY Amplifier Module

New Holton Precision Audio NXL500 R5 DIY Amplifier Module. The latest R5 has full Vishay MELF resistors through out the board and additional RC filtering on the input driver stages + improved output stage stabilisation.

The NXV500L is designed as a very high performance, high end audio amplifier in the Recording Studio's, Audiophile Amplifier's, Home Theatre and Sub-Woofer Amplifier's

The NXV500L R5 has XLR Balanced inputs as standard and it can be configured for RCA single ended input as well.

The performance of this amplifier is truly awesome and unlike a lot of amplifiers these days. The power ratings are continuously rated sine wave into a resistive load.

The HPA-nxV500L amplifier module has a world wide fan base and it has been shown from extensive listening tests from around the world that this amplifier module rivals even the best sounding and most expensive amplifiers in the world regardless of price. Based on this the HPA-nxV500L represents extremely great value for money.

NXL500 R5 Specifications

300 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 8 Ω
500 Watts RMS continuous sine wave into 4 Ω
The HPA-nxV500L R5 is 2 Ω Stable
Biased into Class A/B
Power Bandwidth 3.5hz to 250khz -3dB
Slew Rate = 80v /uSec
Dampening Factor At 100hz 8Ω = 1300
RCA Single ended Input impedance 20kΩ
Differential Input Impedance = 40kΩ
Single Ended Input Gain = 30.6dB
Differential Input Gain = 33.8dB
SNR -105dB
THD-N = 0.005% @ 10 watts 8 Ohms
Recommended Linear Voltage Supply +-78 volts DC
PSU Power Transformer secondary windings 55vac (800VA)
Printed Circuit Board Dimensions 215mm x 50mm
Recommended Conrad Heat Sink MF35-75
Ultra small form factor PCB
Designed as high performance Home Theatre multi-channel amplifier
Or High End 2 Channel stereo amplifier
Unconditionally Stable into any load from 4 ohm loads and up
Extra Heavy Duty Two ounce copper printed circuit board
Rugged Single Die Lateral MOSFET Output Stage

Basic list of parts needed to build a 1 x  Mono Block NXV500L R5 Amplifier.

1 x HPA-NXL500 R4 Amplifier Module
1 x HPA-NXVPSU Three Power Supply Board
1 x HPA-Power One R4 AC Mains Controller
1 x HPA-SS/Relay One
1 x 800VA toroidal power transformer with 2 x 55VAC secondary windings
1 x Conrad MF35-100 heat sink Minimum