New M2Tech Van Der Graaf MkII Low Noise Power Supply

M2Tech writes: "Van Der Graaf MkII Low Noise Power Supply: the importance of a good supply. It may seem at least weird that a company offers a power supply unit that costs about 60% of its DAC or 50% of its phono preamplifier. But if you think twice, you soon realize that a great power supply is a foundation for great sound. Nain Audio told everybody back in the '80s when they sold their oversized power supply units to be used with their preamplifiers and tuners. The fact is that having a great outboard power supply is the way to achieve the best sound out of an audio device (with the possible exception of a power amplifier where a low-impedance, short path from the power supply to the output transistors is mandatory to ensure good transient behavior)."

"There are many reasons for that. First, taking the power supply out of the device cabinet will highly reduce interferences between the supply circuit and the audio circuit. I'm talking about rectification spikes with their high-frequency harmonics and stray magnetic fields from transformer coupling with delicate audio circuits.

Moreover, an outboard power supply will more easily have room for a better layout and will more easily deliver clean power.

That's why we designed the Van Der Graaf MkII. This unit is capable of delivering up to 50W total to up to 4 M2Tech devices, two of them powered with single 9V or 15V voltage and two of them powered with triple 5V/+15V/-15V voltages.

The Van der Graaf MkII is not an all-analog supply. We feel that switch mode supplies when correctly used and designed, have important advantages over all-analog supplies.

The Van Der Graaf MkII joins the best of two worlds: an input, a medical-grade AC/DC converter delivers 24VDC to various DC/DC converters which produce the bulk voltages for 5V, +15V and -15V. The good thing about such an arrangement is that DC/DC converters do not suffer the usual 100Hz noise as analog supplies. They do have some wideband noise, which is disposed of by using discrete components, low noise, low dropout regulators, one per voltage.

The result is an output voltage with the same noise as a good battery, without the problems related to batteries: no recharge, no wear-out, no explosions.

The Van Der Graaf MkII adds a lot to our Young MkIII DAC, Nash Phono Preamplifier, Marley MkII Headphones Amplifier, and Joplin MkIII ADC/phono. Many customers who bought the Young MKIII or the Nash together with the Van Der Graaf MkII are an enthusiast for the performance increment due to the Van Der Graaf MkII."