OVC and new Duelund pure silver foil capacitor

“The Danish brand OVC has produced tube amplifiers since 1985 for the Scandinavian market. On photos is a newly developed line preamplifier prototype. Tubes used are 12AY7, 6SL7, and EZ81 for the rectifier. This is a construction with super low output impedance, high linearity, and ultra-low distortion, which have been developed over the last 2-3 years. The design is using a brand new Duelund Coherent Audio pure silver foil capacitor, as the first of its kind in the world. The development of the Duelund Coherent Audio pure silver foil capacitor has been a cooperation between AB Audio and Duelund Coherent Audio. The capacitor is the first “dry” Duelund capacitor, based on an extremely pure and clean silver foil, constrained layer damped, paper core and following Duelund unique cast manufacturing process.”

“The capacitor is, as mentioned, newly developed and different from the other silver capacitors on the market. It is a dry capacitor with the following values 0,22 uF 1000V which is specially developed, for OVC and other high-end tube products, by Duelund Coherent Audio.”