Rockport Technologies Capella II phonograph

Launched in 1997, the Rockport Technologies Capella II phonograph was a further refinement of the original Capella and featured a glass fiber/epoxy composite plinth, upgraded constrained layer-damped composite platter, a new motor structure and constrained-layered damped arm board. The base model featured a specially designed hydrodynamic fluid film main spindle bearing and was suspensionless. It could be upgraded to be outfitted with an air bearing spindle with vacuum hold-down, as well as a tabletop active pneumatic suspension. 

The Capella II was also available with the Rockport Series 7000 linear tracking, air bearing tone arm, which shared all of the same moving components as the tone arm found on the System III Sirius. This photo was taken by our long time distributor in Japan, Taiyo International.