Sierra Audio Opaline Floorstander Field coil Speakers

Our friend Sierra Aznar Victor shares some insights about Sierra Audio Opaline floorstander field coil speakers... "Stuff I was working on in conjunction with Chris Sommovigo for Chicago Axpona Hifi show before COVID. Got to 80% completion before hell broke lose loose and halted work in these. These would be the latest Sierra Audio Opaline Floorstander Field coil Speakers. During the first testing/measuring and tuning it was very promising..." 

"My good friend Stefan Andrei Chelariu my MD (medical doctor) lol also contributed and gave me my fix lol :).

I felt like I've managed to squeeze big horn performance in such an elegant compact floor stander not bigger than any conventional speaker. Anyways I shall return working on these when my crew is back. Things to finish on these are designing a cool grill from aluminum that I have in mind, some adjustments moving the Connectors below with a cool look and custom 12” field coil optimized just for this project.