Suesskind Audio Primal Scream custom phono preamplifier

38.000,-€ and seven years in the making.... Joachim Gerhard's Suesskind Audio high quality custom Primal Scream phono preamplifier is finalised. Gerhard writes: "Maybe the most sophisticated Phono Stage on this planet. Ultra low noise -160dB from 1V. The noise impedance is only 0,29Ohm. The best active stages are around 5 Ohm and have 1/F noise, especially when the are based on JFets. So this is 17,2413793 times better with no thermal noise in the bass. The trick is a super high quality transformer input inside a feedback loop. Then a double differential super precision shunt RIAA comes.
Yes this stage has 4 RIAA circuits, 2 per channel trimmed with Teflon trimmers. The picture is only the equalizer. The PSU is in another box of the same design and even more heavy. The cabinets are honed out off massive aluminum slabs. Many thanks to Brandt Kwiram of Hardcraft for this outstanding work. Thanks Markus Grelka for the nice finish and the wonderful job on the brass plates. There where a lot of other people involved too, too much to mention but you know who you are."