Totaldac 10th anniversary

Vincent Brient from Totaldac shares some exciting and interesting news for the Totaldac 10th anniversary... “For the 10th anniversary of Totaldac I would like to give an update about Totaldac! For Totaldac 10 year anniversary I would like to offer a very special service to people ordering a DAC, streamer or driver between the 1st April 2020 and the 31st August 2020. You will have the possibility to ship it back and get 80% money back of what you paid excluding the shipping costs up to 12month after purchase. This will be possible for all direct orders to Totaldac by an end customer, and possible via a retailer if the retailer wishes to be part of this special service. This way you are protected against a possible change in your financial situation for the next 12 month. The 20-day trial period stays valid.

Of course Totaldac is currently 100% operational to build and ship your orders. The production is under control because Totaldac DACs are designed and also made in France, and very large stock of components has been made.

DAC upgrade

The upgrade policies are also valid, more than ever and for a long time.

You can upgrade your DAC for nearly no more than the price list difference between two models, making every Totaldac purchase a 'no obsolescence' purchase.

This upgrade DNA makes your purchase a long term investment for your system and is also a real contribution to sustainable development. 

You can start for example with the d1-core DAC, possibly with the streamer option which will allow you to listen to Qobuz or Tidal, and read your files from a NAS or via a Roon core.

Here is the last review by Hifi+ about the d1-core-streamer:

Full system

Totaldac can also supply each part of a Hifi system, from the NAS to the amplifier and the speakers and even integrate a cinema screen in your system.

The DAC, driver and amplifier are used by Mono&stereo chief editor for example

Demo rooms

Since many hifi shows are cancelled Totaldac has developed the ability to make its own demos in its headquarter in France, with 2 different rooms, 3 different speakers and a home-theater.

These rooms are better that any other Totaldac rooms in past hifi shows.

The large room with Totaldac d150-anniversary speakers and Magico M6, driven by a Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier:

And the wooden room based on a quasi-coaxial 3 way full horn system + subwoofers, about 105dB/1W/1m efficiency, driven by a Totaldac Amp-1 amplifier:

This room is also a theater room, and a unique multi-channel cinema preamphas been developed, see details here


Most links to reviews are given in each product page in web site.

If you missed the Munich show 2019 here is a sum-up about Totaldac room by a Stereophile reviewer:

You can watch the news in Totaldac Facebook page even if you don't have a Facebook account:

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