Densen Oxygen streaming module is ready!

This will surely make a lot of Densen fans and owners happy... Densen Oxygen module launching in June! Price: 999 EUR Densen first ventured into the streaming market with the CAST line of products, and now adds to the streaming offerings with its brand-new line of OXYGEN products. Oxygen is the new range of dedicated streaming devices from Densen and the first product to be released will be the Oxygen Module – an expansion module which allows the user to upgrade almost any Densen pre- or integrated amplifier to become a streaming amplifier without the need of any external devices.

"To many Densen fans the Oxygen name is nothing new – the Oxygen system has been many years under development, and has been teased many times, and though many have written and asked for a release date, we wanted to wait until we knew the best possible sound experience for the money had been created. Densen is happy to announce the new Oxygen Module will be available June at an MSRP of 999 EUR.

With the Oxygen Module Densen lives up to the promise of continued upgradability and expandability for their amplifiers, and allow older models such as the original B-150 amplifier – a now 15 year old model – to be upgraded to the modern era of streaming.

The system is built around a 32-bit DAC architecture allowing for high-res streaming directly from Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, Spotify, Qobuz and many more. Everything Is controlled from the Densen companion app (IOS and android), which also allows for multi-room control of your Densen systems fitted with Oxygen Technology.

Later this year a stand-alone streamer will be available built around the same Oxygen system, but built with an extremely overkill power supply with 90 VA toroidal power supply and no less than 16 Custom made Densen capacitors giving the unit an enormous capacitor bank of 160.000 uF – more than what you find in many integrated amplifiers. With no less than 7 separate rectifiers, the Oxygen streamer delivers the ultimate streaming experience with the well-known Densen enthusiasm and dynamics.

The Densen oxygen module is compatible with the following Densen amplifiers and variations there off (PLUS, XS, CAST):

B-110, B-120, B-130, B-150, B-175, B-230, B-250, B-275

Please note the pictures below are of an early engineering sample and not the final product."