KT Audio TAC-5 Mousika supreme tube crossover

This is quite an extremely tak on the active crossover. KT Supreme TAC-5 tube active crossover Μουσικά with up to 11 tubes, capable of dividing sound into 5 frequency bands. TAC-5 is named after Greek mitological Goddess of music (Μουσικά/Mousika). This particular active crossover was commissioned for Mr. Tung Doanh Nhan, owner of the most complete YL Acoustic speaker system (Yoshimura Labs) in Vietnam.

With slope -12dB / octave, crossover is allocated as follows:

- Low Bass: 20Hz - 80Hz
- Bass High: 80 - 320Hz
- Mid Low: 320 - 1,280Hz
- Mid High: 1,280 - 8,000Hz
- High: 8000 - 20,000Hz

In particular, this TAC-5 Mousika crossover was first designed by KT-Audio for differential voltage compensation circuit, so that the output audio signal is not attenuated.