Made by Technics - Amazing Factory!

If you have wondered how much effort and commitment goes into the production of Technics SL -1000R / SP -10R, here are the rare insights. Both turntables are manufactured in the factory Utsunomiya Factory. Take a look at the unique production facility for turntable systems. Technics is very proud of the daily efforts and the implementation of the latest technologies, which, as the Japanese turntable icon says, produce "the appreciably overwhelming performance and rich sound".

Platter assembly (tungsten weight attachment)

The heavy-duty platter of approximately 7.9 kg boasts an inertial mass of approximately 1 ton-cm2, and brass and tungsten weight with a thickness of 10 mm play a major role. Twelve tungsten weights arranged around the platter are fixed one by one by Meister's hand at the Utsunomiya factory.

Motor inspection

The coreless direct drive motor that controls heavy-duty platters without cogging is the heart of the turntable. Laser measurement is used to measure mechanical inspections, including circumferential runout of the platter mounting surface.

Tone arm

A 10-inch magnesium pipe molded by cold drawing, a 15 mm lifting mechanism, and a 5-pin PHONO terminal fixed to a solid aluminum shaving jack cover accurately read and transmit the signal engraved on an analog record.

Control unit assembly

The control unit controls the power supply circuit, pitch control, and rotation speed. It is connected to the turntable body with a 5-pin XLR connector, and the external shape is the same size as SP-10MK2.

SP-10RSL-1000R assembly

Assembly processing starts from here. The top panel of SP-10R is machined from solid aluminum material with a thickness of 25 mm. Carefully set the top panel, which is the face of the product, in the jig *.

* A jig is a tool that positions and fixes parts to facilitate work.

SP-10RSL-1000R motor insertion

Insertion of the coreless direct drive motor, which is the heart of the product, into the jig.

SP-10RSL-1000R aluminum die casting chassis

The aluminum die casting chassis, which is an important part that supports the center of the SP-10R chassis. The control board etc. are also attached to the aluminum die casting chassis.

SP-10R is completed by installing a BMC (bulk molding compound) chassis that supports the bottom.

The arm base with the tone arm for SL-1000R is fixed to the completed SP-10R. When assembling, care is taken not to apply extra load to the arm.

BMC chassis is fastened to the aluminum panel of the base (30 mm thick solid aluminum). Care has been taken to prevent the overnighting of screws.

The base is carefully mounted to the turntable by two people. After this, it is fastened to the turntable with screws.

Two people turn the chains, which weighs about 32 kg, face up. They work carefully so that products are not scratched.

Attaching of platter for inspection. Meister uses a laser measuring instrument to perform various inspections such as physical properties.

After passing the performance inspection such as wow and flutter 0.015%, a sound check is performed. Any subtle differences are not overlooked in and sound quality is also checked for each item.

Visual inspection is performed under high illuminance. Not even the smallest scratches are overlooked.

The turntable, which has been completed through many processes, will be carefully packed and shipped  by the masters.

May the fun of music reach many fans ...

SL-1000R and SP-10R completed.