Nagra Archives 25/30

The Nagra QGB is an adaptor converting Nagra IV-S recorder into a large reel machine thus making recording and playing performance of the Nagra IV-S equivalent to a Studio machine. As to be expected from anything from Nagra, utmost standards have been adopted in electronics and mechanic.

The QGB adaptor contains two separate servo motors one for each reel.

The NAB adapter provides a positive lock for NAB spools which are located on to a splined drum.

The most useful control is the fast winding knob which is triggered by pulling it, then by rotating it either direction goes forward or backward in a variable speed.

The other two controls are a loading switch with a three position miniature toggle switch which is in its center position for normal operation and disenables either the left or the right spooling motor for loading in the other two positions, and a small slide switch labelled Automatic Standby. The latter is a power saving function which when in operation de-powers the spooling servo motors which the tape has not moved for about 5 seconds and applies the spool brakes, thus saving power.

  • Dimensions: 435x96x110 mm.
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 79 C.
  • Weight: 3 kg.
  • Rewinding time: For 267 mm reels of 730 m when powered by mains supply, full reel 2 min, half reel 1 min. When powered by fully charged cells in Nagra, rewinding time multiplied by 2,5.
  • Power Consumption: normal transport 220 mA, fast rewind 300 mA, standby 5 mA, stop without tape 1 mA.

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