Nagra Archives 26/30

The Nagra Seven is a stereo high- end recorder that is the ideal tool for recording with a pair of microphones. It features Nagra’s legendary microphone preamplifiers and delivers a rich sound with texture and tone. The Seven offers two analogue audio inputs and a single stereo digital input. It will record in PCM linear audio at sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz or in MPEG-1 layer II compressed audio formats if the compression option is installed. 

The inputs are equipped with traditional Nagra microphone preamplifiers for dynamic and phantom +48V microphones and offer a range of switchable sensitivities to accommodate all common microphones. AES-42 microphones can also be used as the recorder can supply the necessary 10V dc supply voltage on the AES input. The analogue LINE input will accept up to +24dB allowing it to be connected to a standard audio mixer in the field.

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