Nagra Archives 28/30 - Nagra HD PREAMP

"Nagra HD PREAMP will just reshape the expectation you may have of what a preamplifier will add to your whole set-up, sources and amplifiers… 20 years after the release of the mythical preamplifier Nagra PL-P in 1998, Nagra is releasing the one of the most ambitious projects of its history, the HD PREAMP."

"Here is a customer comments about the change from one of the best preamplifier xxxx on the market to the HD PREAMP: The energy and frequency response has to be heard to be believed. The xxxx could never even come close to this.

When I came back the next day I was listening through the glass door. Listening on the other side of the door was exactly how the CD sounded with the xxxx but in the room.

This is incredible. That is how much more energy the system has now. The improvement is not like lifting a veil, it is like opening a door.

Listened to a couple of my test Lp’s, Ruby Braff and Mile Davis. Amazing.

The system sounds great with the setup you did. The highs are real but not bright, the harmonics of the high frequencies are like they are at a live gig. The bass you can feel in your chest just like a live gig.

The intensity and the intention of the musicians come through the system to you.

It is great to watch the input meter to see exactly how the recording was done. When you hear some distortion you look and the needles are in the red.

"Still crazy after all these years” - Paul Simon.

Please keep leading me down this crazy road."


-Innovation awards / CES 2018

-BEST of 2018 by Mono and Stereo for the HD PREAMP.

And now a new 2020 HD PREAMP version is available. It important to know that the older HD PREAMP can be upgrade with the HV board and get the same performance.


The Nagra R&D Department, served by ten skilled and specialized audio engineers, worked on this project for the past three years with the goal of creating the most revealing and engaging preamplifier in the world. The Audio engineers spared no expense or limitation developing electronics, mechanics, power supply and addressing thermal and vibration issues. Each stage of the design also included extensive listening sessions. The result is a striking product in terms of appearance, specification and performance. It will just reshape the expectation you may have of what a preamplifier will add to your whole set-up, sources and amplifiers…

The volume control is a patent pending technology that allows perfect level matching with a much more transparent sound compared to potentiometers and switch resistor technology, because there is no attenuation of the input signal, just an automatic selection of a tap on the Nagra custom output transformer. The Alps potentiometer are only controllers not in the signal paths.

The newly developed SuperCapacitor power supply is a new technology which combines the very low noise of a battery with the high current capability of the best linear power supplies.

The audio engineers created a super vibration free stand to lower the microphonic resonances to a new level.

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