Nagra Modulometer

The Nagra Modulometer is an accurate level indicator developed by Stefan Kudelski to equip the early recorders. The VU meter, famous at that time, was not fast enough to show the real level and thus the transient in the sound could distord the tape without stressing the VU meter. So Stefan Kudelski created a special meter that he called « Modulometer ». « Modulation » in French and English means the changes in sound level. 

Even since this iconic device, is equipping all to Nagra professional recorders and High-End products. Today the Modulometer provides a multitude of functions through two coaxial pointers representing the left and right channels. The Modulometer allows you to see the input level or output level and see the balance between left and right channels.
  • Compensating the level differences between various recordings.
  • Checking the battery level for recorder.
  • Verifying the output level of the amplifier.