New ALBEDO Mono-crystal Silver Phono interconnects

Albedo Silver Cables writes: "Dear followers and friends, we had been quiet for a while, but there was a good reason for it. We had been working hard to complete our phono cables project. We wanted to have just one in portfolio, but the best we could do for the budget we planned to make it affordable and at least completing our competitiveness std..."

"... meaning it must perform better than all 3 times more expensive cables our competitors have on the market we could put our hands on. The names as always stay in ashes. It's up to you to figure it out for yourself ;).

"Took long time, as we wanted to make it as quiet as possible therefore we checked almost everything what today's technology has to offer, dielectric and shielding wise. And it is all time consuming to find it, learn about it, make prototypes and then perform comparisons and listening tests.

But there we are, Ladies & Gentleman, may I introduce to you our latest child: #ALBEDO Mono-crystal Silver Phono interconnects ?"