New Auris VIVACE Reference tube preamplifier

"Years earlier Auris had Largo and Piano Tube Pre Amplifiers, aesthetically designed in Auris elegant leather-wood style, which were a real refreshment in the Audio industry. At this year’s High-End, there was a planned world premiere of the Great Reference Line Pre Amplifier called VIVACE, which presents true state of art . The Auris Audio uses latest innovative technology, selected premium components in designing this Pre Amplifier which quarantee an extraordinary experience."

"As we all know that the Pre Amplifier is the center point that connects all the essential parts of audio system and puts them together in to the beautiful whole, the new Auris Auido Pre Amp VIVACE is something you want to have as a heart of your system. Reference Line Pre Amplifier VIVACE beautifies analog 3 x RCA and balanced 3 x XLR inputs, alog with the analog 1 x RCA and balanced 1 x XLR outputs. The Vacuum Tubes that are inside the aluminum chasis are 2 x ECC 99 and 1 x 88.
Auris Audio always seeking perfection in sound and appearance and we know that High-End does not allow any compromises, in this regard perfect matching with Reference Line Pre Amp VIVACE would be Auris Audio Forte 150 Mono blocks whose pairing was the idea, to create the ultimate perfect Auido System for You.

Of course, it is difficult to describe the sound that comes from such a system, but many of our friends and partners who heard it during testing were left speechless."