New Black Cat Cable FLATWAVE™ cable

Black Cat Cable is pleased to present the latest iteration of the Coppertone series: FLATWAVE™. The new conductor is a small, pure copper ribbon that we flatten in-house with a precision rolling machine. The flattened conductor is then rolled through our Airwave tooling, shaping it into a sinusoidal form so that it will remain substantially suspended in air once hand-placed within Coppertone’s thin-walled PTFE tube (thereby helping to keep capacitance low and velocity high). Our Lovecraft MINI RCAs terminate to the interconnect, and our XOX direct-plated are copper bananas terminate to the speaker cable.

For those who have purchased Coppertone cables recently, GOOD NEWS: We have been shipping this new model under-the-radar since March 1st.

“I personally love the increased transparency, silky-smooth vocals, and pure eargasmic loveliness of the Flatwave,” shared Chris Sommovigo, Black Cat Cable’s chief cook and bottle-washer. “It really brings out the shimmering beauty in the music, to my ears.”

PRICE REMAINS UNCHANGED : We’ve decided not to uncharge for this improvement! 

Interconnects (RCA only): $249.00 1.0m pair (+$50 per additional 1/2m pair)
Speaker Cables: $399.00 per 2.5m pair (+/- $50 per 1/2m pair)
All Black Cat Cable products are made on our own machines, and with special tooling in our small workshop in Alpharetta, GA by Chris Sommovigo, personally.

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