New BOENICKE audio recording

BOENICKE audio writes. "The time is right to listen to your inner voice, to question what is being served by the main stream media especially concerning „corona", endangering our civil rights. It’s time to listen to what comes from within. We are delighted to launch our newest music project – a CD featuring pianist Ingmar Flashaar and his message „within“, recorded thru the one and only Boenicke Audio Recording System

Ingmar Flashaar opened himself to what wanted to be played thru him, acting as a channel for his music. Never has improvised music been so personal and deep and we encourage you to be touched.
Available as:

💿 Double CD high quality – burned version (not pressed): 38 Euro
💿 Double CD deluxe - 24 Karat Gold plated version: 74 Euro
💿 Download: 11 Euro

Recording: B:there records by BOENICKE Audio
Sound engineer: Sven Boenicke
Artist: Ingmar Flashaar