New Jadis JS1 MkV and JS2 MkIV DACs

The renowned French tube manufacturer Jadis has just introduced the all new (approx. 19.000 EUR) Jadis JS1 MkV and Jadis (approx. 9.000 EUR) JS2 MkIV DACs. The tube output stages are used to provide the sound that is embraces the best qualities of the analog.

JS2 MkIV features double AKM 4197 chips with 24 bit/ 384kHz usb input. The AES/EBU, TOSLINK and SPDIF are locked at 24 bit/ 192 kHz. Output stage is equiped with four ECC82.

The Jadis JS1 MkV sports the same digital inputs, but comes with separate tube regulated power supply, upper level signal wiring and custom made capacitors. Double AKM 4497 DACs are followed with a bit more complex tube output stage.

Tube complement:

2 x 6922
2 x 12AU7
1 x EF86
1 x EL86