New LampizatOr Ultimate Passive Preamplifier

The newest premiere from LampizatOr... The all new LampizatOr Ultimate Passive preamplifier, a passive taken to the extreme. "We decided to offer an insanely complex in build, yet ultimately pure in sound - passive controller. We give you all necessary convenience normally missing from passive pre: a remote control, display, level memory, input switching, muting, etc."

"What sets our passive apart from competition is the use of REAL ladder shunt regulation by means of 256 relay switches, where at any given moment and any given level - only ONE relay is energized and ONLY ONE resistor pair is in the circuit. There is no such solution anywhere as far as we know. We offer 64 steps adjustement with 1% precision and 1% channel tracking and 1% phase tracking. Not to mention WBT NextGen sockets, silver wiring in teflon and Lampizator chassis."