New TechDAS AirForce V Premium turntable

The original technology remains the same, but the all new (¥ 1,300,000) TechDAS Air Force V Premium has challenged the limits of development. The same massive cutting body as the upper model is finally installed in the V series. The original Air Force V used a box-shaped body made of aluminum plates, but this Premium model has a massive body that is carved out of an aluminum block, similar to the higher model. The total weight of the main unit has increased significantly and the dynamic range has expanded further.

In the V series, we have succeeded in incorporating the motor inside the main unit by achieving low vibration of the drive motor. It is more compact than the upper model III series. In addition, it is possible to attach a maximum of 4 tonearms while maintaining a minimal body. The platter section uses a W platter method that uses precision cutting of aluminum (A5056). With a total weight of 7 kg, it has sufficient inertia to achieve smooth and stable rotation. The surface is black anodized and has a glossy grained finish. Equipped with a tapered spindle that absorbs the rattling of the center hole of the record board. Ultra-thin special damping material is attached to the top of the platter to protect the record. A low-vibration two-phase four-pole AC synchronous motor, which is also used as a higher-end model for the drive motor, is mounted on the body through an optimized anti-vibration mechanism. By driving the sub-platter with a polyurethane rubber belt that has been precisely polished on both sides, vibration from the motor is blocked and a high S / N ratio is realized. On the other hand, the same air-damping type insulator as the Air Force III is mounted on the frame to optimally block external vibration as well, thus achieving a thorough reduction of vibration.

With AirForce V Premium equipped with all of TechDAS's original air technology, you can enjoy the  excitement of music that you have never heard before in the overwhelming silence that can not be thought of as record playback.

The TechDAS Air Force series turntables have an air bearing mechanism that floats the rotating platter part by the force of air and mechanically isolates the rotating part consisting of the record and platter, and the record board is elevated by the force of the vacuum. Adopts an air vacuum mechanism for adsorption. This unique air technology creates a sound that is completely different from the conventional analog turntable.

The traditional turntables, which are the same as in the days of analog heyday, produce sounds that are almost the same as they were in the past, but the modern analog sound that has passed the digital era of 30 years is the same as before. The modern analog sound is the analog sound after realizing the advantages of the digital sound such as the quietness and high S / N ratio of digital. TechDAS's unique air technology makes this possible.

Air Force V Premium follows logical progression and it was developed to let more analog fans enjoy the extraordinary analog sound of air force technology.