New Wilson Audio Pedestal

Wilson Audio is introducing Pedestal. "The Pedestal reduces musically destructive vibrations systematically. Its small bottom element partially absorbs vibrations traveling from the surface underneath the piece of equipment. Next, energy migrates into the Pedestal’s austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless-steel housing, where the material’s mass and solidity further turn unwanted energy into heat. Where other manufacturers use low-grade magnetic steel in their isolation pods, Wilson is committed to metals that have superior vibration-mitigating characteristics as well as the ability to minimize electronic interactions of the components which the Pedestals support."


The damping material inside of the Pedestal—“V-Material”—provides the next step in vibration reduction. V-Material, along with a proprietary viscous damping material inside the Pedestal, act as a spring to minimize, absorb, and dissipate the vibrations into heat.