New PureAudioProject Duet15 Prelude speakers

PureAudioProject just announced a new member in their products family, the 'Duet15 Prelude'. "We hope this model will indeed be a 'prelude' to audio fans who are not yet familiar with open baffle and our offering. This model comes with either the TB driver or the Voxativ AC-1.6, and both sing BIG TIME !..."

  • This model will either serve you for many years or it will be your ‘prelude’ (introduction) model into Open Baffle and PureAudioProject worlds.
  • Designed for small and medium size rooms
  • The Duet15 Prelude is the ‘smaller brother’ of our highly raved Trio15, with which it shares the audio components and our typical  organic and emotionally moving sonic signature

Unprecedented Upgrade Path

We make our unique ‘Modular Open Baffle Architecture’ work for you and it comes with an official offer for a period of one year, during which at any time we will trade your Duet15 Prelude for one of the following model, with a refund of 70% of the sum paid:

Trio15 Voxativ, Classic or Horn1
Quintet15 Voxativ or Horn1

Special Introduction Price:
Duet15 Prelude w/ TB W8-1808: US$ 2,999
Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6: US$ 4,990

Flat Shipping Cost: $290 in the USA, Europe and most of the ROW (Rest of the World) countries.