The Revolve turntable

The Revolve turntable by  Lance Dixon. Handcrafted, solid hardwood construction and multiple, decoupled layers of varying materials including brass, steel, aluminium and acetal...

Specifications and features

  • Handcrafted, solid hardwood construction.
  • Select your preferred hardwood and finish, from natural through to mirror gloss.
  • Precision milled 15 mm aluminum base plate.
  • 3 damped feet assemblies, the front two are adjustable for precise leveling of the turntable.
  • Inside of plinth is filled with mass damping media for vibration absorption.
  • Plinth assembly weight, without platter assembly, = 51 kg.
  • All functional components surrounded and damped by mass damping media.
  • Wooden plinth separated and acoustically isolated from all critical functional components.

  • Multiple, decoupled layers of varying materials including brass, steel, aluminium and acetal.
  • Weight of platter assembly = 17.5 kg.
  • Screw on record clamp.
  • Magnetic levitation force of 16 kg on the underside of platter assembly.
  • Main bearing assembly:
  • 20 mm diameter, precision ground, hand lapped, hardened stainless steel shaft.
  • Brass housing with polymer bearings.
  • Thrust bearing, ceramic ball on hand lapped and hardened tool steel disc.
  • Bearing components submerged in highly purified synthetic oil.
  • Effective downward force on the thrust bearing, 1.5 kg.

Arm boards:
  • Two arm boards, adjustable to accommodate any length of the tonearm.
  • Mounted on 40 mm dia. solid steel pillars surrounded by mass damping media.
  • Mounting adapter plates made for your chosen tonearms.

Drive system:
  • Two-step belt drive system giving high torque and minimum load on the motor.
  • 50:1 motor to platter speed ratio, accuracy <.03%
  • Twin ‘O’ ring belts on both steps.
  • Separate motor pod assembly, positioned behind the turntable plinth, weight 12 kg.
  • Maxon DC motor with graphite brushes and precious metal brushes, 11 watts.
  • 5 second, timed, ram up start to reduce belt stress.
  • Control system:
  • Digital,  motor control system, ensuring absolute speed accuracy.
  • Motor encoder, 1024 counts per revolution.
  • Ramp up, and speeds pre-set using Maxon propriety software via USB hook-up.
  • Controller fascia made from the same selected wood as the plinth. (or plain fascia option)
  • Front controls; Standby on/off button, speed selector rotary knob, start/stop rotary knob.
  • LED indicating ‘system on’ status.
  • Rear panel; IEC power socket, isolation toggle switch, fuse mount, USB port (for programming), D-sub 15 way socket for motor connection.
  • 230 V,  55hz.

  • Each turntable has an engraved plaque on the side of the plinth stating as follows; Date of completion, Serial no., Original owners name, made by Lance Dixon signature.

  • Width = 500 mm, Depth including motor pod = 600 mm.
  • Weight of complete turntable and motor pod (excluding controller) = 80.5 kg.
  • The controller must be mounted on the shelf immediately below the turntable.

  • Packaged in two plywood boxes and mounted on a pallet; overall dimensions; Length = 1200 mm, Width = 800 mm, height = 650 mm
  • Weight packaged on pallet = 130 kg.

The turntable is partially disassembled and the main plinth has a convenient lifting frame that enables two people to easily lift and position on a stand.