Toroidy transformers!

A few insights from the production at Toroidy in Poland. Many of you might not know that Toroidy produces transformers for many renowned high-end audio brands. Below are the three main reasons why their transformers are epoxy filled...

1. Easy assembling - filling the middle of the transformer and drill a hole for screw. It is a much better solution than mounting using standard metal brackets. It also eliminate the possibility of creating a shot circuit turn. 
2. Reduction of vibrations and interference shielding (especially important in audio devices) - the transformer is completely encapsulated in a steel box. In case of potting in a box made of stainless steel, we additionally use an internal silicon tape screen. 
2. Additional inter-turn electrical vacuum insulation - used in high-voltage transformers. It is the most complicated epoxy filling process and can be made only under the conditions guaranteed by the vacuum chamber. Toroidy pl is the only company in Poland and one of a the few in Europe that has a machines to ensure such a process.