Yvonne Lefébure - Debussy

Yvonne Lefébure has made Debussy one of the greatest specialists with her technique of differentiated sounds and a series of partial pedals: she created the Debussy Prize, a piano competition that bears her name, and bequeathed her property to a foundation to fill the scholarship holders. In the house where Debussy was born, after his death, in Saint-Germain en Laye, the auditorium bears his name. First produced in France on Polydor LP 540.005 black with white writing "microsillon" mono-label, program: Debussy's La Boite à Jouxjoux, Ballet for Children by André Hellé with music by Debussy, in original version for piano. Worte by Pierre Bertin Yvonne Lefébure plays on a Steinway piano. This is one of her rarest old recordings.

Via - Saulo Zucchello