Starting today (including any outstanding orders for loudspeaker cables), Black Cat Cable's standard termination for loudspeaker cables will be our new banana design by Chris Sommovigo for the sub-brand, XOX.


• Pure Copper (better than any alloy!)
• Rhodium-plated
• Spring-forced contact
• Hollow
• Coarse-thread crush-contact with wire

Black Cat Cable owner Chris Sommovigo informs, "It has taken awhile for these to come out of production, but  thrilled that I’ve finally got them. Compared to the old XOX banana, these retain the copper base metal, but now offer superior contact with the binding post for outstanding signal transfer."

Mr. Sommovigo has chosen pure copper because no alloy can best it for conductivity, not even Tellurium Copper. "Only pure, unalloyed silver is better for conductivity,” shares Mr. Sommovigo, "… and only by 6%. This banana operates at 100% IACS."

The new XOX Banana is available on all of Black Cat and Graceline loudspeaker cables, from Coppertone on up.

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