Bryston has introduced the 4B Trade-Up Program, providing consumers in the US and Canada with an enticing path toward ownership of a Bryston Cubed Series amplifier—an iconic jewel of the audiophile landscape. Owners of any previous generation 4B amplifiers can trade that model in through authorized Bryston dealers for substantial credit towards Bryston’s newest 4B³. The Bryston 4B amplifier is one of the most successful high-performance audio products ever brought to market, with many tens of thousands sold worldwide since their introduction in 1978.  
Bryston Cubed Series amplifiers feature higher power, lower noise and dramatically lower distortion than previous generations. Cubed Series amplifiers are built to the same exacting standards that has elevated the Bryston brand to legend status—a level of craftsmanship that is the foundation of the company’s industry-best 20 year warranty. Bryston amplifiers work flawlessly in grueling conditions for so many years, the trade-up program is the perfect enticement for existing Bryston customers to hear the latest engineering achievements found in Cubed Series models.

“We think this program is valuable because it makes trading used gear wonderfully easy—and we will offer them great value for their older amplifier while rewarding them for brand loyalty,” explained Gary Dayton, VP of Sales & Marketing at Bryston. “We are also excited to generate new opportunities and overall excitement for Bryston dealers in North America as consumers explore upgrading their systems.”
Bryston’s legendary service department will electrically refurbish all traded amplifiers and create an outlet for Bryston Sound Certified used products that come with the assurance of 100 hours of factory testing and a supplemental 5 years added to the existing warranty.
“As an enthusiastic Bryston retailer, this program represents an exciting and effortless way for consumers who own classic Bryston gear to attain great value for older models as they migrate to the best performing amplifiers available today,” explained Sunil Merchant from Sunny Components in Southern California. “It is always of value when our manufacturer partners look for ways to stimulate traffic into our showrooms.”
Consumers can learn more about the trade-up program, including receiving an assigned value for their existing amplifier, by visiting