Audiosilente precision ground O-ring aluminum Idler wheel with sintered bronze bushing for Thorens TD124 and other Thorens idler wheel tables. Classic Vintage Turntables writes: "We are testing one of Simone Lucchetti's new audiosilente TD124 Idler wheels equipped with a ground O-ring , The precision ground O-ring must not be removed or circularity is lost so do not remove the ground O-ring! This test is performed on one of our own special TD124 tables. The results are simply amazing, the wheel runs perfectly level and without any sign of eccentricity. There is no sound from the wheel when in contact with the stepped pulley and the platter at any of the four speeds."

"The speeds are extremely steady .The sintered bronze bushing pressed into a beautiful aluminum disc is both smooth and noiseless.

We endorse the product and urge you to try one! Congratulations Simone Lucchetti on your perfect product!"