Another USB cable review!? Well, not quite. Professional studios are usually quite reluctant to deal with the "audiophile" grade of cables, but as you can read on, David Laboga has managed to change the opinion of some renowned mastering engineers and studio owners with his lines of audio cables. I'll go into more detail about what this means for our side of the fence, but for starters (along with the first set of photos), here is what he has to say about his USB audio cables...

"When we start to talk about audio USB cables, it always brings big emotion along with disbelief of how digital cables can make differences in sound – after all, they’re just ones and zeroes aren’t they?

In many cases with other cables the differences can be minimal, especially in systems which are not highly-resolving (which can be different to highly-expensive, although often the two go hand- in-hand).

One of our customers who owns a recording studio in Italy wrote on his social media, after testing Expression EMERALD: “THIS USB CABLE MADE ME RETHINK ABOUT DIGITAL CONNECTIONS. DATA IS DATA, BUT DOES OUR HEARING GO BEYOND MATH ? YES IT DOES ....”

We have invested, and are continuing to do so, a lot of effort (and money) in development. It has been a development and testing journey of many years to build the Expression series cables. Before our cables goes to our customers we test them in many different environments and systems, with many different customers who have different music taste, and proudly we can say that we have developed what we believe to be one of the best USB cables on the market.

From the very beginning you hear the differences in sound.

Hiro Furuya the renowned Mastering Engineer from Japan, working with artists / bands such as Eric Clapton, TOTO, Billy Joe, Elton John, Rod Stewart and many other amazing artists could now not imagine performing his magic without our Expression EMERALD USB cables in his system. The Expression EMERALD USB cables contribute to enabling the engineer to hear more of everything: more expansive sound stage, more details, better separation of performers and instruments, greater depth and body, more dynamic attack and completely natural timbre and texture, largely because more of the original signal is being transmitted more faithfully with as little “pollution” and degradation as possible – this is why digital cables do make a difference. The ability to “hear more” ensures the mastering engineer can perform their role more effectively to bring us closer to the realism of the music.

Maor Appelbaum the famous Mastering Engineer from L.A. working with artists and bands such as Annihilator, Eric Gales, Faith No More, Sabaton plus many others, has said that using our Expression EMERALD USB cables in his system was the first time in his entire career that he heard the (positive) effect that USB cables brought to the sound, something which he had never experienced previously.

Mastering engineers such as Hiro and Maor are the ones responsible for producing the music that we all hear in our home audio systems are and it is their expertise that lets us get closer to the reality of the performance. And now we are proud that our USB cables, other digital cables, analogue interconnect and speaker cables, can be a key component of the mastering systems that produce the best quality output for the historic labels which exist today.

As a result of the experiences shared by Hiro and Maor, we hope that the word will spread, and more mastering engineers will at least be open-minded to trying our superior cables too in the pursuit of producing even better sound!

USB cables are one of the most important cables in our audio chain as they convey the original source signal to the rest of the system. If the quality of the initial source signal is the best it can possibly be, there will be fewer problems further along the signal chain that we may feel compelled to try and fix maybe by changing speakers, amps, different interconnects and speaker cables, etc. Of course, every component in the system is important and has an effect (positive or negative) on the fidelity of the final output, but ensuring the source signal is as pure and unadulterated as possible will be a significant factor in delivering the best sound possible, both in terms of mastering and in terms of music reproduction.

 Like all of our cables, the Expression series USB cables carry a lifetime warranty.

We have designed 3 models of the USB Expression series using different materials to match different budgets, but all will ensure the purest pathway possible for that delicate USB signal.

The EMERALD is the start of the journey. The SAPPHIRE is the next step-up. THE RUBY is our reference model."


Unique construction using ultra-high-purity oxygen-free copper Custom Plugs: 3U high-quality gold-plated: A - B type Available in lengths: 30cm, 50cm, 1m, 2m and 3m


Unique construction using ultra-high-purity oxygen-free copper Custom Plugs: Copper-silver alloy with gold-plated contacts Available in lengths: 30cm, 50cm, 1m, 2m and 3m


Unique construction using ultra-high-purity oxygen-free copper with silver. Custom Plugs: Tellurium copper/rose gold-plated: A - B type

Available in lengths: 30cm, 50cm, 1m, 2m and 3m
Choose your USB cable and move closer to the music than ever before!