A few updates from Ing JP Hans van Vliet. He's working not the black version of the Neumann WV2 based stereo MC tube phono preamp for the EMT 927/930 and found a supplier of NOS (New Old Stock) EF804S tubes from Telefunken. Neumann WV2 is playing. What started as a COVID-19 “quarantine” fun project resulted in a “new” product for early EMT 927 and EMT 930 turntables, a Neumann WV2 based stereo MC tube phono RIAA amplifier, coming time production version will be finalized, serial units (in silver and in black) probably available after the summer.

And a double EMT 927F restoration update. You can see the top-plates being shipped to Germany for a new screening/printing with the original text and symbols just like the EMT 927F # 1240 from 1954 in the black and white picture.