Alpha Romeo Red Falken'Ohr Rack installation photos at Audio Prana and detailed info from Frederick Crane... "There is an entire manual that covers the technology of the Falken'Ohr in some depth. Here are some pics of our install with a few extra tidbits of information. Though only a fraction of the technology and forethought that goes into every Falken'Ohr creation, the dealers' favorite accessories are the castors that lower onto spikes. So we don't have to unload 300lbs of gear everytime we move a rack !! : ). There are also thoughtful accoutrement one can order such as on-board power strips and LED lighting, and special platforms like the one on the top shelf for turntables or cd players."

"Alpha Romeo Red. But the beauty of a Falken'Ohr rack is far more than skin deep. Loaded are the Synaestec Fulcrum Preamp, the Synaestec Igniculus Phono Stage and the Thrax Maximinus DAC-Streamer.

The Frame. Inherent in the design, are connections that are damping or channeling...to lead components micro vibrations to ground.

There is mass and spiking for external vibration, but even more important is the way in which internal vibration is handled.

'User Friendly' does not have to mean 'less performance' Here we see that shelves can be adjusted every 25mm or about every inch.

The rack also includes plenty of area in the rear for the channeling of cables...so your power cords, don't need to be crossed over your signal cables...and you can have a nice clean look.

Covid tip. Are you solo? Loading a rack but don't want to slide heavy components on your new shelves...use a soft cloth to get the rear feet down and slide.

The rear of the rack with ample cable clearance. there are also more specific channeling paths one can order."