Mauro Accorsi writes: "For many years now I have been studying the solid-state circlotron configuration with very interesting results. This is the latest development of a series of increasingly improved prototypes all characterized by operation in the complete absence of global feedback and deep class A, that is, at full power on extremely low loads. In this prototype, I have also taken into account aspects that have not been well cared for on commercial products such as memory distortion that can guarantee particularly pleasant listening performance."

"The circlotron amplifier is completely symmetrical by nature and is made up of only two stages: a voltage amplifier and the circlotron at the output.

There is only one capacitor on the direct signal path and you can choose it off the highest possible quality with particular regard also to subjective listening performance.

The amplifier is managed through a microprocessor that continuously monitors the essential parameters. The various sensors are all out of the signal path and operate absolutely: all or nothing so that there can be no subtle limitations during the operation of the amplifier, in particular during the impulsive transients. The protections, therefore, act by completely deactivating the operating functions and allow recovery only after removing the causes of the malfunction. In particular, Hall effect sensors are used on the four power poles of the circlotron to guarantee instantaneous control of absorption, preventing dangerous situations in the event of malfunctions.

I have tried to minimize the signal path and the absolute number of components crossed.

Although this prototype can show a very high power given the constitution of the power stage, on the contrary, it has a relatively low power at 8 ohms, a little more than 100 W, but nearly doubles its output power when the load is halved, remaining always in class A up to modules close to short circuit.

One of the prerogatives of the amplifier is the enormous bandwidth combined with a very high damping factor and independent of the frequency obtained physiologically without using the feedback.

While being able to control polarization automatically through the microprocessor, for maximum sonic purity I prefer conventional class A operation and the user can select three fixed absorption levels at rest, one mild for low-level listening or disengagement, one moderate and one third very demanding with a very important absorption for a total continuous consumption of about 1 KW."