The Nagra HD preamplifier HV arrived this morning directly from Nagra headquarters. It is undoubtedly one of the personal favorites. I had the luxury of observing the preamplifier HD project from the very beginning, hearing the first prototype at the factory, and knowing how much work was done in this particular R & D really made to rethink many of the fundamentals about the high-end audio products. Years in development, countless hours and numerous engineers working on specific tasks had led to the completion of this Nagra flagship preamplifier. The HD Preamp not only represents a cornerstone in the history of Nagra, it perhaps even more importantly has opened the way for the rest of the HD family. It is an example of a staggering effort to create something that goes beyond expectations and usual standards.

I had the opportunity to familiarise myself in detail with this extremely demanding project and had a close conversation with the people directly involved in the development of the HD Preamp. HD Preamp, now available in the current HV version is one of the most time-consuming, and a hefty invested high-end audio products on the market. 

Nagra is a company with a highly impressive history and a unique, rich heritage that gives it a distinctive place in our beloved industry. At a time when everything is happening at a rapid pace, the momentum of Nagra's research and production is of a distinctive nature. But as with everything that is truly Swiss, it takes decades to reach the right tempi that can guarantee something essential and relevant. Nagra still possesses enormous technical assets, know-how, intellectual property, and manpower, which is very rare these days.

But perhaps the most important thing about Nagra is the people who are in charge of Nagra. Over the years, it has been one of the greatest luxuries to take the time to know them. Pascal, Matthieu, Philippe, RenĂ©, Tanguy are just some of the people who make Nagra tick with the human beat. 

These people love music to the bone, and the Nagra team has worked closely with Jazz Montreux for many years and adds significant value. You rarely see people outside the small high-end audio boutique manufacturers working well beyond business hours, but this is where Nagra differs. These people are musicians, music lovers, and audio aficionados with a respect for music that is deeply rooted in their DNA and willing to go beyond usual norms to offer the products of genuine value. Music and value-wise. And their product reflects that. More than ever with their product portfolio introduced over the last few years. 

Working with a company like Nagra and their beloved and proud creations is for me much more than just a simple audiophile thrill. It's about valuing the music for what it is and respecting the fundamental human qualities that come first for us and a long lost necessity that comes before business. In the present times, a successful business is consistently focused on that, and that is the missing link that many high-end audio companies do not understand or fail to achieve. 

More will follow in due course. As always, here is the first high resolution (60+) photoset. Stay tuned, there is a lot more to say about this impressive preamp. In case you missed it, here is my first part of the review.