Gryphon Audio Designs
proudly announces the release of a whole new series of cables. It is the very top of the line from Gryphon and it is a new evolutionary step in Gryphon Cable Production. The VANTA Series will offer speaker cables, power cables, analog interconnects and finally digital cables as well.

It’s a Benchmark

Gryphon VANTA Cables offers you the ultimate solution in cable technology and performance. It is a benchmark and the most natural solution when connection audio components.

Unique Technology

The VANTA Series utilizes some of the most exclusive materials in terms of the highly unique Silver-Gold alloy for each individual conductor, tightly sealed in a tube of PTFE insulation, surrounded by a braided screen of silver plated copper wires to secure the best possible insulation and transmission of the delicate signal, and finally wrapped in a beautiful black, glossy jacket of Polyurethane.

The Devil Lies In The Detail

All VANTA Cables are terminated with carefully selected audio grade connectors from some of the leading manufactures in the world, such as Oyaide and Neutrik. The connectors are soldered to the Silver-Gold conductors under microscope to make sure that all connections are soldered to perfection. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is thought through to the very last detail... As we tend to say: “The devil lies in the detail”.

2020 not only marks the 35th Anniversary of Gryphon Audio Designs, but also 35 years of cable manufacturing at Gryphon

Audio Designs. We celebrate the 35th Anniversary with The VANTA Series... Uncompromising design, technology, performance, build quality and sonic neutrality.