LampizatOr's new phono MM2 is directly derived from the flagship MC1. "We tried very hard to maintain the top quality of sound, parts, technology, and execution while reducing the physical size and chassis footprint. The MM2 will fit easily on any rack shelf, as well as in the smaller budget. The whole analog signal section is identical with the MC1 to the smallest part, while the power supply is silicon, not tubed.

"It is a matter of discussion how big is the sonic signature of fully tubed PSU but it definitely belongs in the big flagship, which is twice as big, twice as heavy and twice the price."

MM2 has the following key features: 
  • MM cartridge compatibility with 47k input 
  • SUT transformer compatibility for MC cartridges 
  • high sensitivity even for low output cartridges 
  • copper sheet capacitors in the signal output 
  • perfect RIAA tracing
  • 4 layer fully shielded PCB
  • no silicon in the whole signal path 
  • precisely regulated heaters with slow start function extremely good tubes selected from the whole worlds range of available triodes
  • tube rolling is possible by the user (ECC803, ECC88 types) Elegant Lampizator chassis (Amber 3 DAC)with 10 mm aviation-grade aluminum front 
  • 5 years warranty

Our experience in designing tube DACs and amps allowed us to create a very elegant circuit, with low noise, no hum, very dynamic, spacious, and three dimensional sound. simply not possible from opamp based phono stages. 

MSRP worldwide price 3900 Euro Netto Choice of Black, Silver, or champagne front panel and as usual - the color of the button eye-ring.