"Our new Silbatone P-103 Stereo Amplifier cuts right to the heart of the issue, bringing our best NeoHyb techniques to bear in a flexible design that plays the antique 205D triode natively, one of the best tubes of all time. However, the P-103 allows the user to substitute the VT-2, WE 216, Type 50, and even the WE 300B with adapters! It is a tube lovers dream amplifier, bringing a world of musical possibilities into hand, pretty much the defining purpose of the NeoHyb platform. Only the finest parts are used in the reference class P-103 Amplifier, including our best “Five Star” silver primary/silver foil secondary output transformers, built on custom-produced over sized Hitachi Finemet cores. Transformer-isolated balanced and unbalanced inputs featuring silver 10 kohm input transformers are provided for system building flexibility."

The low parts count P-103 circuitry is fully direct coupled, avoiding the inevitable colorations of coupling capacitors. The Bendix 6900 is our voltage amplifer tube of choice: rare, expensive, and requiring particular care in implementation to get right, but we use it because nothing else captures the amazing quality that it gives us. The voice of the P-103 is the pure song of silver transformers and the best tubes on the planet, so we know you will enjoy!

Output power of the P-103 is a substantial eight watts, regardless of output tube choice. In the case of the 50 and 300B, the operating points chosen are very conservative and guarantee an easy ride for your precious tubes. Let’s face it, vintage tubes are finite resources. With the P-103 and its relatives in the NeoHyb family tree, you can run your tubes where they sound best and enjoy the longest life, instead of pushing them to the limit for maximum power. The current multiplier does the rest, magnifying the drive capability of the output tube without any modification or degradation of harmonic character. A constant current filament supply provides an extra measure of care for your antique triodes.

We present the P-103 Stereo Amplifier as an exemplar of the NeoHyb project. We put everything we know into this paradigm statement of a mature R&D program, an adventure that has brought us a lot of enjoyment and edification. The P-103 Amplifer is a unique and uncompromising entry in the Silbatone catalog, offering many exciting possibilities that will surely appeal to the serious tube lovers among us.