Alex Cereda from Sublima writes: ""Sublima Audio Research is proud to announce its new revolutionary invention in  non conventional acoustic studies, an idea born in Italy from Alex Cereda, acoustic researcher. The Harmonic Correlator Overtones/Phase reproduced the sound as a live concert! ""


— Precise harmonic reconstruction and timbre of the instruments, vocals reproduced in the correct frequency context with the right tonality 
— Extended frequency, greater dynamics and each instrument clearly distinguishable 
— Three-dimensional sound produced 
— Greater realism in the event reproduction and the position of the loudspeakers/listener is less critical 
— Greater sound reach and macro/micro dynamics in all frequencies, even at a low volume. 
— Listening to the audio system with the Harmonic Relator is a profound experience that takes you back, as if with a time machine, to the recorded event 
— Compatible with any type of acoustic loudspeaker 
— Easy installation 
— Different finishes and colors available 
— Life warranty for defects due to construction 
— Available in violin or viola versions — Sublima is the realistic sound!