Jonathan Weiss Founder & CEO OMA & Fleetwood Sound Co. writes: "Stop wondering what’s the next speaker to buy and start listening to music for real. When we started OMA nearly 15 years ago, our goal was to make the best sounding audio possible, with the most beautiful design.  It was always very expensive to make however, and limited to a very few. When we bought our factory in Fleetwood Pennsylvania 3 years ago, I saw an opportunity to create something really new, a daughter brand that would be more accessible in terms of price and size while retaining our core values of un-compromised sonics, craftsmanship and design. We could only accomplish this with our much larger factory complex (42,000 square feet), next door to the old Fleetwood Metal Body coachworks that made some of the finest automobiles in history a century ago (Fleetwood Cadillac). It is that ethos of hand built, ultra high quality manufacturing that we want to bring back in an age that desperately needs things that are authentic. Things that you can pass down to your kids."
"So we are proud to introduce Fleetwood Sound Co. and our new DeVille Loudspeaker, the first in a new line of speakers, audio electronics and components that really have no comparison today."