A few insights into the analog accessories tailored by ramar Germany. I use the ramar record brush daily and it is one of the finest and most practical record brushes I've have ever used. The magnetically attached top cover can be easily locked with the brush and closes after each use to protect the brush from dust accumulation. The ingeniously integrated needle brush also automatically snaps into place in the box provided. Everything about the ramar follows the simple logic of "a place for everything with everything in its place". I love how everything is well thought out, including natural, high-quality materials.

ramar cleaning pads - We also make the cleaning pads for our record brushes. They consist of two layers - natural felt and cork. With the felt all dirt is easily removed from the surface of the brush. The cleaning pads are also used as protectors for the brush in the storage box during transport. 

ramar painting on workbench - Some sketches from my daughter Dana (4) on my work table. Dana: So it doesn't look so boring here :-)

ramar record brush test - Before delivery we check every single brush. We also check the conductive connection between the individual bristle rows and the aluminium frame. This guarantees the perfect dissipation of electrostatic charge.

ramar record brushes - These three beauties (Red, Joni & Tina) are almost finished and are waiting for the last tests before they start their long journey to New York 

ramar stylus brush - Some details of our brushes are so filigree that they can only be worked on under a magnifying glass