The latest Sierra Audio Opaline Floorstander Field coil Speakers. Watchara Saladkaew writes: "Sierra Audio Specializes in Bespoke custom speakers. The Opaline is a 3 way Horn Hybrid using a hi current low voltage field coil motor 12” woofer custom Designed for the opaline Enclosure by my friend Stefan Andrei in japan. Mounted in a stacked Ply down-firing vented box construction. Mids are Lecleach inspired design with a neodymium compression driver."

"The upper range is Stainless steel Bullet super tweeter build and machined inhouse. We believe we managed to squeeze big horn performance in such an elegant compact floor stander not bigger than any conventional speaker. Its frequency response is 35hz-20khz with a sensitivity of 98db efficiency with a tube friendly 8-ohm impedance. This was supposed to be scheduled to launch the Axpona Chicago Hifi show with matching dual Subwoofer. But would have to be delayed due to the cancellation of the Show. Every part of the Opaline is handcrafted by the best artisans in the craft. The Hi-gloss finish with the Piano Black front panel is finished using over 10 coats of official paint BMW uses. We also apply a combination of Liquid Glass. Each pair is built to order.

Prices can range from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on options.